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Jacob White


Jacob grew up in SE Oklahoma most of his life after his parents moved there from Arizona to become caretakers of a Bible camp. He is the oldest of six siblings and uncle to six nephews and one niece (so far).


His faith in Christ as Savior began around five years old with trust and loyalty; obedient repentance developed later in life as the Lord mercifully shepherded him through sanctification.

Jacob grew up running around the woods and exploring when he wasn’t reading or playing video games. As a kid, he loved all things Star Wars and Marvel Comics and still enjoys being a fanboy occasionally. Hobbies include reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, playing video games, watching movies/binging shows, and playing tabletop games with friends. Swimming, kayaking, hiking, and volleyball are fun pastimes for him.


Jacobloves the ‘Body life’ and ‘tearing down strongholds…raised against the knowledge of God’ (2 Corinthians 10). He considers it a blessing to learn something new every day and to have the privilege of studying God’s Word at TBC. Serving others in the local church community and the wider Kingdom is the cherry on top!

Jacob White
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