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Jared Verwiel

Lead Pastor

I was raised as an athlete in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sports was a major part of my upbringing and identity before I became a believer. My brother and I competed at everything from basketball to baseball to ping pong in our basement.

In middle school, I started playing golf, which is what I pursued as I went to college at Mississippi State University. I thought I moved 750 miles away from home and everyone I knew to play golf and set the groundwork for my career. Later, I learned that golf was just the outlet that God used to get my attention and call me to Himself.

I grew up hearing some version of the Gospel when my family would attend a Catholic Church and when I went to church with my mom. Nevertheless, the Gospel was made clear to me as a Freshmen at Mississippi State when my brother wrote me a letter and encouraged me to read the Gospel of John. I placed my faith in the finished work of Jesus on the Cross and my life was forever changed through the power of Christ.

After earning a BBA from Mississippi State, I married the love of my life, Brandy. We lived In Starkville, MS for 2 years before heading off to Dallas Seminary, where I completed a Th.M. with Old Testament Major. My ministry experience includes 3 years as a college pastor, 5+ years near Wichita, KS as a Senior Pastor, and I have been serving in that same role here at Tulsa Bible Church since November 2018.

Brandy and I have 3 kids: Henry, Ethan, and Kennedy. We enjoy sports, raising our family hound dog, Reba LuLu Elouise Targarian, and playing games, and watching movies. My favorite author is CS Lewis. I love teaching Old Testament narrative books the most, and leading our staff.

Jared Verwiel
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