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Jared Verwiel


Growing up, Jared occasionally attended a local Catholic Church and, other times, went to a charismatic church with his mom. Some version of the Gospel was shared in those churches; however, it wan't until his Freshmen year at Mississippi State that his brother articulated the Gospel in way he understood it. He placed his faith in the finished work of Jesus on the Cross that year.

After earning a BBA from Mississippi State, Jared was married to Brandy in their college town of Starkville, MS. Before heading off to Dallas Seminary, where he completed a Th.M. with Old Testament Major, Jared served 2 years in college ministry. His ministry experience includes 3 years as a college pastor, 5+ years near Wichita, KS as a Senior Pastor, and serving in that same role here at Tulsa Bible Church since November 2018.

Jared Verwiel
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