We see a church that hungers and thirsts to know God and thus passionately loves His Word. We see this hunger to know God richly fed by Christ-exalting expository preaching, sound teaching, and personal study of Scriptures. We see men, women, and children becoming like Jesus as the Holy Spirit progressively transforms us through His Word.

We see a church worshiping with joyful reverence as they sing, pray, and speak God’s Word to one another. We see a people who fear God, whose vision of God is compelling to the next generation, and whose worship burns brightly throughout the week in countless acts of praise and obedience. We see a church whose worship speaks to the hearts of various generations and backgrounds, where different musical styles are cheerfully welcomed as God-given vehicles to sing the fame and abundant goodness of God.

We see a church that loves Christ so much that it can’t help but constantly turn to Him in prayer. We see a church where hearts are lifted up to God in praise, honest confession, and requests of all kinds. We see a church with the faith to ask God for great, impossible things.


We see a church that eagerly welcomes people regardless of their background. It is a church that accepts and rejoices with repentant sinners, that bears burdens with the weak, and that seeks to bring all within our body to conformity with the image of Christ.

We see a church that loves one another, enjoys each other’s company, practices hospitality to each other and to their neighbors, and uses our time together to build one another up in the Lord.

We see a church that makes disciples of all ages, teaching them to please God and use their gifts to serve Christ both within the church and in the world. We see a church where students and young adults are propelled to grow, thrive, and serve by enthusiastic, whole-hearted love for Jesus. We see a church that actively equips and encourages parents to be the chief disciplers of their children.


We see a church where each member maximizes the spread of the Gospel in his or her sphere of influence. We see our church using its gifts in concert for the growth of the Gospel.

We see a church that actively demonstrates the love and worth of Jesus Christ through helpful human services, compassion for the needy and building genuine relationships for the sake of the Gospel.

We see a church that authentically desires to glorify God through world evangelism. We see men and women going as full time missionaries, engaging in short-term service, faithfully supporting missions, and fervently praying for the growth of the Gospel around the world. We see growing strategic partnerships to reach the “least reached” peoples of the world.